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Folklore/FolksSoul PS3 Demo Confirmed



    There’s too much talk about Folklore, I know, but I can’t help it if the game is really that appealing! After all, who could deny the beauty of the game’s Gothic atmosphere and what not? If Game Republic’s dedication to making Folklore’s gameplay a bit more simplistic than its previous Playstation 3 title is any indication, the game may turn out to be that one game a lot of us have been waiting for…at least those of us yearning for a JRPG.


    Of course that’s not what this post is about; however, what I’m about to tell you may just spur your interest in deciding whether or not this game is for you. At the official Japanese site for Folklore, better known as FolksSoul in Japan, a new update gives mention of a demo being prepared for download this Friday on the Playstation Store in Japan. The demo’s size? Oh…something like 1019MB! Not too big, right?


    If you’ve yet to make yourself a Japanese Playstation Network account, you may want to look into making one just to download the demo. I know I’ll be downloading it.


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