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Forspoken Limited Edition Includes Music, Art, and DLC

Forspoken Limited Edition

Forspoken is out today, and Square Enix is selling a limited physical edition in Japan, targeted at players especially interested in having some Athian adventures. The Forspoken Limited Edition package is exclusive to the PS5, and includes a number of digital and physical extras. It’s available on the Japanese Square Enix online store for 22,000 Yen (about $170 USD).

The Forspoken Limited Edition includes the PS5 edition of the game, and the special collector’s box packs the rest of the goods.

Besides the game, an “expanded edition” of the Forspoken Original Soundtrack is part of the bundle. The expansion is an additional disc of music from the game, in addition to the three discs from the standard soundtrack. There’s also an art book, The Art of Forspoken, containing a number of art pieces and information bout Athia and the characters of the game.

The last physical goodie that’s part of the Forspoken Limited Edition is an original T-shirt with an exclusive design of Frey on the front.

The package includes a few in-game bonuses for players about to start out. These take the form of an in-game rare material pack, with crafting materials to give players a head start on their upgrades.

The Limited Edition also includes access to the game’s planned story DLC, Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust. The DLC is scheduled to drop around Summer 2023. Owners of the Limited Edition will be granted early access to the content, as well.

Buyers who pick up the Limited Edition early will also gain additional in-game cosmetic benefits. One is the “Whiskers” cape, which drapes Frey in a poppy cat-themed cloak. The others are two sets of cosmetic nail art. The first is part of the early-purchase bonus, and the other is an exclusive reward for buyers who purchase through the Square Enix e-Store.

Forspoken is available on PC and PS5. A playable demo is available.

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