Fortune Summoners Will Land Sometime This Fall


At Anime Expo this past weekend, Carpe Fulgur announced their next localization project: Fortune Summoners, by Lizsoft. This morning, we have a few more details on how the game is progressing, courtesy of Carpe Fulgur’s Andrew Dice.


“I am happy to report that all issues have been worked out with Lizsoft and that work is now proceeding apace,” Dice writes on the company’s blog, “to the point where we already have a build in-house with interface elements 90%+ in English and only in need of debug and a further editing pass; all of the “events” in the prologue/demo are also now fully rendered into English, and need only minor editing before they are ready for primetime.”


Progress on the project has been rapid, Dice says, and more English language screenshots will make their way out in the near future. Further on in the post, Dice touches upon the party members in Fortune Summoners, of which there are three, all keeping consistent with the “cute girl” theme in past Carpe Fulgur projects.


“Each party member has different abilities,” Dice writes. “Arche is a swordfighter and is surprisingly strong for her age, Sana is a water spellcaster and has a number of support abilities (and can breathe underwater) and Stella… burns things. Lots.”


The game will support controllers with customizable controls, and — for those that are familiar with the Japanese version of Fortune Summoners — will include graphical enhancements from a second “Deluxe” version of the game released later on in Japan. What it won’t include is the professional voice-acting — although it will contain the original indie voices — or the added DLC content of the Deluxe version. This is due to the cost of licensing the professional voice work, which is under separate license, Dice says.


A demo version of Fortune Summoners is planned for release sometime in September or October. Carpe Fulgur plan to release the full game sometime this fall during a November-to-early-December timeframe. The game will be DRM-free.


Ishaan Sahdev
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