Square Enix Store Introduces Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Water Bottle Promo

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Square Enix currently has a promotion on its online store, allowing consumers to get a free Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker water bottle after purchasing more than $120 worth of select merchandise. You need to make your purchase in one checkout. This means that if you, for example, make two $60 transactions, you will not be eligible for the water bottle. This campaign runs from May 14 to June 13, 2021.

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The aluminum water bottle will come with a clip for you to strap it onto a belt or backpack. However, it is important to note that the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker water bottle cannot keep what’s inside hot or cold. This means that even if you put cold water in it, it will become lukewarm as time passes.

There are a few warnings on the official website about the water bottle. It seems that the water bottle is only intended for cold water, since you are not supposed to put hot beverages, soda, sports drinks, alcohol, dairy products, juice, or tea leaves inside. It may be safe to put cold tea inside, provided that you strain the tea leaves properly.

Square Enix announced a November 2021 release date for the upcoming Endwalker expansion pack in Final Fantasy XIV. People who pre-ordered can start playing it from November 19 due to early access, whereas other players can play the content from November 23. The expansion pack will introduce a new job class, new gender options for the Viera and Hrothgar races, and a new residential area.

Final Fantasy XIV is readily available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows PC.

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