PlayStation 4

Free-Roaming Shoot ‘em Up Diadra Empty Is Headed To PlayStation 4 In Japan



Publisher Mediascape revealed that developer Frozen Orb’s “high field shooting game” Diadra Empty: To Wish For Dreaming Tomorrow is bringing some bullet hell action to PS4 in Japan this year.




Diadra Empty features characteristic vast fields that are made up of various other screens up, down, left, and right, where you’ll fight plenty of foes in the bullet hell shooter.




In addition to the fights against giant bosses, the game offers various kinds of equipment and upgrades that can be purchased by coins to add a bit of a strategic element.


The PlayStation 4 version of Diadra Empty adds widescreen support, as well as improved controls, game balance adjustments, and new weapons.


Diadra Empty is currently available on PC via Steam and will release on PlayStation 4 sometime this year in Japan.

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