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Wargroove Double Trouble Begins (for Free) on Most Platforms on February 6, 2020


We finally know when the free Wargroove DLC will appear. The Double Trouble add-on will be showing up on February 6, 2020. Unfortunately, that release date doesn’t apply to every version of the game. Only Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC owners will be able to join the Outlaws faction on their adventure that day.

The Wargroove PlayStation 4 version will also be getting the add-on, but its launch date is only listed as “soon.” (As a reminder, the PlayStation 4 version launched months after the others.)

The main draw of Double Trouble is that this addition brings in a new campaign where the Outlaw faction will be the stars. The Outlaws Vesper, Wulfar, Errol, and Orla are forced to rob every faction in the game to pay off a ransom. (The twins Errol and Orla act as one commander.) They’ll head off with their units, which include the new Riflemen and Thieves, to fight back. Their campaign could be played alone, or someone could grab a friend for cooperative completion locally or online.

This also means new opportunities for the Arcade and Editor. New Arcade missions have been confirmed. The new commanders, units, Volcano map, and music will show up in the Editor. People playing online will also be able to take advantage of both private and public lobbies.

Wargroove is available on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Jenni Lada
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