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The Wargroove PlayStation 4 Debut Is Set For July 23, 2019




Earlier this month, Chucklefish confirmed that Wargroove would arrive on the PlayStation 4 soon. Now, it has taken to the PlayStation Blog to reveal a July 23, 2019 release date. It will be $19.99. This comes five months after its Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC debut.


One thing to remember is that the Wargroove PlayStation 4 version does not support cross-play or content sharing with other versions. You can only take part in multiplayer sessions with other PlayStation 4 owners. Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC players can play online together and share creations, with small icons in-game showing which platforms other players are using.


Wargroove is a turn-based strategy game that draws inspiration from Intelligent Systems titles like Advance Wars and Fire Emblem. The campaign and arcade modes task you with helping your army defeat the opposing force. While the generic soldiers and units are acquired from barracks, your commanding officer is a unique unit that has an ability similar to an Advance Wars C.O. power. When it fills up, a special power can be used. For example, Mercia’s ability heals nearby allies.

Wargroove is available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC. It will come to the PlayStation 4 on July 23, 2019.

Jenni Lada
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