Frio2–Memory Of My Sister Follows Siblings Through A Haunted Town


Frio2 – Memory of my Sister follows a pair of sisters after a ghostly incident that leaves them stranded in a haunted town, forcing players to use their wits to solve puzzles and avoid the spectral beings that rule the town in order to survive.


Frio2 – Memory of my Sister will have players wandering the wreckage of the city, combing it for clues and ways to escape it. As they do, an array of different ghosts will come looking for them, ranging from the surreal to the terrifying, all looking to frighten the player and kill their character as they seek a way out. However, players have no choice but to face these ghosts, as they will require items hidden in their haunting grounds, or need to sneak by them in order to free themselves of the city.

There is one way around the game’s hauntings, as Frio2 – Memory of my Sister offers a No Ghost mode for those who wish to wander the ruins and solve its puzzles without undead influence.


Frio2 – Memory of my Sister is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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