FromSoftware Is Asking Fans To Vote On Their Favorite Armored Core Tracks



To commemorate the massive Armored Core OST 20th Anniversary Box that is releasing in November, FromSoftware is asking fans to vote on their favorite Armored Core track of all time.


Fans can go over to FromSoftware’s official website to vote on their favorite tracks daily. You can do so by checking the “Song Vote” section and clicking a disc cover to see all of its tracks. The track names are in English and they all have samples for you to check out, so it’s actually a pretty sweet opportunity just to relive some of the Armored Core tracks.


You can vote for a track by pressing the “この曲に投票する” button next to the play button.



Once you select your track of choice and click for your vote, you’ll see the above screen. By pressing the top button you can continue picking the rest of your favorite songs (a total of five votes per day) or press the second button to continue to submit whatever you have selected without using all five votes.



When you’re done it’ll direct you to the part shown in the above image. The top has your tracks of choice, the middle section is where you can leave FromSoftware with a message, and the third part is for your nickname. Press the button when you’re done and you can confirm with the button on the right for the last step.


The Armored Core Original Soundtrack 20th Anniversary Box releases in Japan on November 1, 2018 for 18,500 yen. You can pre-order it on Amazon Japan. Check out more about the 20-disc OST in our previous report.

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