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Front Mission 1st, 3, and 5 Wanzer Figures Wandering Store Shelves

These tiny Front Mission mechs might not make the ground shake, but they will give people a chance to bring some familiar Wanzers into their daily lives. Square Enix has opened up preorders for an array of Front Mission 1st, 3, and 5 Wander Arts figures. Each one of these six Front Mission Wanzers is designed to mimic the ones seen in-game and include different sorts of weapons to equip. They each cost $89.99, though a temporary preorder discount brings them down to $80.99 each, and the first one to move out will be the Front Mission 1st Wander Arts Frost Hell’s Wall variant in September 2020.

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The two Front Mission 1st figures will be the two out of the line. The aforementioned Frost Hell’s Wall model is based on the U.C.S. 64th Special Armored Infantry Frost Wanzer model, though Square Enix noted this figure is based on the Front Mission 4 Blizzaia L. It comes with two anti-aircraft rockets, a shotgun, its two rods, and a machine gun. It will be followed in October 2020 by the Front Mission 1st Wander Arts Frost Urban Camo variant, which is nearly identical to the Hell’s Wall model in terms of additional accessories and design.

December 2020 will bring with it the Front Mission 3 Wander Arts Grille Sechs Wulong Centipede variant. It comes with a backpack, two claws, a machine gun, a shotgun, and what looks like a sniper rifle. A month later, it will be joined by a Grille Sechs Urban Camo variant of it.

The final two Front Mission mechs hail from Front Mission 5. The Wander Arts Kyojun Glen Duval variant will follow the Grille Sechs in February 2021. It has a machine gun, a rifle, and shoulder grenades. People are also able to attach its shield to its arm or one of its guns. The final model, the Kyojun Urban Camo variant, will launch in March 2021.

These Front Mission Wanzer figures will begin appearing in September 2020, with each variant giving people a mech with a different paint job and look.

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