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Fruitbat Factory Bring Yuri VN SeaBed And Puzzle Game Treehouse Riddle To Switch And Steam


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    We reported several years back on Fruitbat Factory’s localization of SeaBed, and today they announced at TGS 2019 that they are bringing the yuri visual novel to Nintendo Switch, alongside a new localization for puzzle game Treehouse Riddle by MaruDice.


    Check out SeaBed’s Nintendo Switch version trailer here:


    Here’s a look at Treehouse Riddle:

    treehouse riddle 1

    I find myself in a treehouse.
    I need to find a way out.
    Who are that little girl and elderly man?
    How and why did I end up here?

    “Treehouse Riddle” is an adventure game where you unfold its story by solving riddles and puzzles.

    A girl wakes up to find out that she’s trapped in a room of a treehouse.
    She explores all the rooms drawn in beautiful pixel art and solves riddles and puzzles to escape the house.

    Just like the house itself, the 30+ riddles and puzzles are made of wood.
    Take your time and use all of your knowledge to solve them.

    Every riddle and puzzle gives you hints and can be skipped.
    You don’t need to worry about getting stuck.

    The game is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam, and the game’s Steam page is now open for wishlisting here.


    SeaBed is available on PC via Steam, and is coming to Nintendo Switch. No date has been given yet. Treehouse Riddle releases on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam in all regions in Winter 2019.

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