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Fu Xuan Could Work with All Teams in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, Fu Xuan is a 5-star Quantum Preservation character who can greatly benefit most teams you put her in. She is good enough at keeping the party alive (especially if you have her signature Light Cone) that you can easily run her without any Abundance characters. Here are some suggestions of characters and teams that Fu Xuan work well with in Honkai: Star Rail.

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To start with, let’s explain really quickly the basics of what Fu Xuan can do. In simple terms, her Skill creates a field in which she takes on damage that other characters take. She can use a stack to heal herself every time she falls below 50% HP and she can regain her stacks through her Ultimate. While her Skill (Matrix of Prescience) is up, all of the characters will increase their Max HP based on Fu Xuan’s Max HP, as well as enjoy a Crit Rate boost.

Here are some teams of characters that work well with Fu Xuan in Honkai: Star Rail:

Fu Xuan Honkai Star Rail teams
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  • Blade | Bronya | Fu Xuan | Luocha
    You can replace Luocha with either another Harmony or a Nihility character if you have confidence that your Fu Xuan can take care of everyone. Fu Xuan works amazingly well with Blade because her Skill increases his Crit Rate and Max HP, which help with his overall damage output. By replacing Luocha with a Harmony like Tingyun or a Nihility like Pela, this team focuses entirely on buffing Blade. Another reason why Fu Xuan works really well with Blade is that she doesn’t actually apply a shield onto him, so he loses HP if an enemy attacks him. This helps to build his stacks for Shuhu’s Gift.
  • Qingque | Fu Xuan | Silver Wolf | Lynx
    This is a mono Quantum team that takes advantage of Silver Wolf’s ability to implant a Quantum weakness in enemies that don’t have it already. Of course, you can replace Qingque with Seele if you have her. Fu Xuan and Lynx work fairly well together, as both of them scale off their Max HP while being capable of boosting other characters’ Max HP. If your Fu Xuan is capable of handling everything by herself, you can replace Lynx with an attacker.
  • Dan Heng | Asta | Tingyun | Fu Xuan
    This is a party that’s more F2P friendly, as it uses free characters Dan Heng and Asta. Tingyun can help bolster Dan Heng’s attack power, as well as restore Energy. You really should utilize Tingyun’s Ultimate for Dan Heng and gain Fu Xuan’s Energy back through her “Taiyi, the Macrocosmic” Trace. This Trace gives her extra Energy when she uses her Skill while Matrix of Prescience is up. If you want to use this party against multiple enemies, you can easily replace Dan Heng with his Imbibitor Lunae self or Blade.

Fu Xuan generally speaking fits in any party. Her kit is fairly basic and doesn’t clash with anyone else’s. She’s also fairly SP friendly, so you can run her with characters hungry for SP, such as Dan Heng Imbibitor Lunae or Jing Yuan. This makes her a great character to pull for, since you can use her with anyone and everyone.

Honkai: Star Rail is readily available on mobile devices and Windows PC. The PS5 version of the game will come out on October 11, 2023. You can only pull for Fu Xuan in the Honkai: Star Rail gacha when the Foreseen, Foreknown, Foretold banner is up.

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