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New information on Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins was released today, showing off the mysterious town Yamusuku 11, as well as some more screenshots and artwork. [Thanks,!]


Yamusuku 11

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A mysterious town where the Whispered are said to have been born. Sousuke and the others head here as part of a mission, but find that the whole place is in ruins.


Active Skills:

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Active Skills are skills that can be used in battle by using Active Skill Points. For example, the Active Skill ‘War Cry’ can help raise Sousuke’s Focus rate, in order to activate Arbalest’s Lambda Driver quicker. However, active skills need to be developed on the skill tree first, and tend to be locked behind passive skills that raise stats.


Active Skills can also be leveled up to have higher effects, such as ‘Evasion’ giving a 30% boost at Lv. 1, but up to 70% at Lv. 3. However, the ASP cost will also go up, so players shouldn’t level these up until later.


Sub Missions

These are missions that are replayable, compared to normal missions. In a second run, you can play these no matter where you are in the story, so it’s the ideal place to try out new skills or tactics.


Solitary Goddess:

fmp 19 fmp 20


Boot Camp:

fmp 21 fmp 22


Event CGs:

fmp 23 fmp 24

fmp 25 fmp 26

fmp 27


Full Metal Panic! Fight! Who Dares Wins releases for PlayStation 4 in Japan and Asia on May 31, 2018. Previously, we reported on a new trailer for the game.

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