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Gal Gun Returns Limited Edition Includes ‘Safety Goggles’

gal gun returns limited edition

When Gal Gun returns with, well, Gal Gun Returns, people will have options. There won’t only be standard digital and physical copies of a game. Inti Creates and PQube will have a Birthday Suit Collector’s Edition too. It has things you would expect, like an art book and soundtrack, but also includes more unconventional items like “safety goggles.”

This Gal Gun Returns Limited Edition is $116.77/€100.29/£89.99 GBP at FunStock, with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions available. People who get one will have the three CD soundtrack, six art cards, six pins, The Sexy Chronicles of Gal Gun two-in-one art book, an extra cover insert, and the Safety Goggles. Said Safety Goggles are essentially a sports bra made to match the Screen Cleaner panties from Gal Gun Double Piece’s Mr. Happiness Limited Edition.

gal gun returns limited edition 2

Gal Gun Returns is the first opportunity for the original entry in the series to appear worldwide. It will show up on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC, with the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions out in Japan in January 2021 and the PC version appearing in February 2021. The English release will come a bit later in 2021 on all platforms. Your goal, as always in these games, is to avoid all of the women who are attracted to you so you can reach the one you want most.

This Gal Gun Returns limited edition will be available people in North America and Europe to order for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC in 2021.

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