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Gameplay Video Of Dontnod’s Vampyr Surfaces


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Some gameplay footage was captured of Vampyr, the next game from Life is Strange developer Dontnod, during an interview. (Thanks Gamereactor!)


The video shows some of the locations from the game. It is set in 1918, where players take on the role of Jonathan E. Reid, a doctor in a city afflicted with Spanish Flu, who also happens to be a vampire. Players will have to carry out their life-saving duties while also draining blood to live.


The developers mentioned that the player can kill anyone and everyone if they so choose, gaining more strength from killing the people in the city. There are few ways to gain strength outside of drinking blood, so even players who don’t wish to take lives will have to at some point.


This doesn’t mean the player can freely wipe out the city. Reid still has to act like a doctor to the people of the world, so Dontnod have added the condition that players must be discrete about their kills, feeding on people when they are out of sight. If their bodies are found by the game’s NPCs, then some consequences will be added to the game (although the developer doesn’t state what those are).


There are other supernatural beings in the game’s districts as well, including other types of vampire. Combat against these creatures, or against vampire hunters, will take place out of sight to ensure that the player can keep up appearances as Reid.


Players will also have vampire-like abilities, letting them mesmerize NPCs outside of combat or do short teleporting bursts and levitate enemies during a fight. These all drain the player’s health, so the player will have to plan the use of their powers carefully.


The full interview with Dontnod can be watched from Gamereactor.

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