Nintendo Switch

GameStop Says It’s Expecting More Switches To Come Into Stock Sometime This Week



When the Nintendo Switch released earlier this month, the highly-anticipated console was unsurprisingly met with great amounts of consumer demand. Many have been unable to claim a Switch for themselves, noting the console’s limited availability. However, GameStop has recently addressed these concerns over availability, saying that the retailer will have more units for sale possibly sometime this week, and as early as Wednesday, March 22nd.


GameStop went on to explain that customers should first check availability at their local store, as well as the fact that only individual units will be up for sale as opposed to bundled options. The retailer also noted that it will be meeting the high demand for the console by “securing additional systems as fast as we can to ensure customers are able to purchase this innovative gaming technology.”


GameStop also recommended that customers check with their stores and get in line early, as the new shipments of the Switch will “go fast” and quantities will be limited from store to store.


The Nintendo Switch is now available.