Ganbare! Super Strikers Mixes Tactical RPG & Soccer


Ganbare! Super Strikers draws from tactical RPGs and sports manga like Captain Tsubasa to create a tactical soccer experience, one where players will use special abilities as they conquer their rivals in the sport.


Players control a small town soccer team from Japan, looking to overcome the best players in the country in order to be selected for the national team. There, they’ll join forces with the rivals they met along the way in order to take on the world’s best soccer players.

To reach this goal, players will have to guide their players through grid-based soccer matches. In these matches, players will do more than kick the ball in the right direction, as they’ll have access to special abilities they gain from the equipment players outfit them with. These powers can boost stats, give them special kicks or defensive powers, or inflict rivals with sleep, silence, or poison. However, opponents have similar powers, so players will need to be prepared to counter them, or level up to gain enough power to withstand them.


Ganbare! Super Strikers features a single player story mode, but players can also go up against one another in local multiplayer.

Ganbare! Super Strikers is set to release in full in Q2 2018, but it is available now in an Early Access state through

Alistair Wong
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