Gengar-themed Dishes Are Coming to the Pokemon Cafe

Pokemon Cafe Gengar-themed dishes and merchandise

Pokemon Cafe will soon be overrun with Gengar. Both Pokemon Cafe locations will begin offering a special menu based on the Shadow Pokemon on September 3, 2022. Dishes that will be available include a cheese fondue-style soup plate and a smoothie. The Gengar-themed tableware used to serve the dishes will also be sold separately. Additionally, customers can get their hands on placemats, coasters, and a sticker. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

You can see what everything looks like below.

The featured item on this special menu is the “Gengar’s Phantom Force! Cheese fondue-style soup plate set.” For 2,970 yen (~$21), customers will get a rich and creamy cheese soup served with vegetables and Gengar-shaped bread. A mini parfait inspired by the move Shadow Ball will also be included. Both the Gengar pot the soup comes in and the Gengar-themed silverware provided with the meal can be purchased on their own. The soup pot will cost 3,850 yen (~$27.50), while the silverware will cost 880 yen (~$6.50) per utensil.

“Gengar’s Confuse Ray Smoothie” will also be on the special menu. The grape-flavored frozen drink will cost 990 yen (~$7) and will come in a glass featuring Gengar’s face. For an additional fee, customers can take the glass home with them. Furthermore, there will be 12 new art options for the Selectable Pokemon Lattes.

Placemats provided at each seat will feature a Halloween Harvest Festival illustration. A placemat with a Gengar motif is also available with soup plate set orders. Drinks will be served on one of three coasters featuring Halloween Harvest Festival designs, though which design you’ll get is random. A Gengar sticker is also available to customers who post a photo of their order to social media using a special hashtag.

The Gengar outbreak begins at Japan’s Pokemon Cafe on September 3, 2022. Reservations are required at both the Osaka and Tokyo locations and can be made online. The upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet games will launch on November 18, 2022.

Adam Haffen
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