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Which Genshin Impact Banners Should You Roll on?

Genshin Impact Banner

So which Genshin Impact banner should you be rolling on? Well, that’s entirely subjective for the most part. You should pull from whatever banner you like! However, there are always ways to receive characters you’ve been yearning for at an increased rate. If this is your first experience with a gacha game, I’ll be breaking down the mechanics and the terminology below.

What is a banner? A banner is where you can use your Wishes to pull characters. What is pulling? Using those Wishes on individual banners. If you’re not entirely sure how to redeem Wishes, we’ve written a guide breaking down the various levels of currency in Genshin Impact here.

If you’re entirely new to the game, you will definitely want to use your first few Wishes on the Beginner’s Banner in Genshin Impact. This banner will let you roll at a discounted rate twice and guarantees that Noelle, 4★ Geo character, will drop in at least one of those pulls.

Ideally, you should always wait for a “rate up” banner. What does that mean? Rate up banners feature characters with an increased drop rate. You can tell if it is a rate up banner, as it will show the characters on the banner image itself with the word UP! on the graphic. You can take a look at an example below.

Genshin Impact Rate Up Banner

Additionally, you can check the rates by selecting the Details button on the Wish screen. That screen will tell you what the rates are on the individual featured characters on the banner.

This is not to be confused with the Standard banner, which I personally do not recommend using Wishes on. The Standard Genshin Impact banner includes weapon and character drops. When rolling on the Standard banner, rates at which 4★ and 5★ characters and weapons received are mixed, so it lowers the probability of receive a 4★ or 5★ character. 5★ weapons are great, but you can also craft 4★ weapons with enough materials and high level weapons aren’t necessary for high level play. In fact, you can play the entire game without rolling on the gacha.

Standard Wish

Ideally you will want to wait for the character you’re looking for to find their way to a rate up banner. That way you potentially won’t be using as many Wishes to try and obtain them. But with gacha, its always the luck of the draw. Either way, you will always want to read the details on every banner to see what character will be available at an increased rate, or what characters are part of every individual banner.

Genshin Impact is currently available on Android devices, iOS devices, the PlayStation 4, and PCsGenshin Impact also supports cross-play between platforms, but data transfer is unfortunately limited.

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