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How to Obtain Intertwined and Acquaint Fate in Genshin Impact


Now that the full release of Genshin Impact is available, gacha-happy players are probably wondering how to obtain Intertwined and Acquaint Fate. If you’re still trudging through the beginning of the game, you might not know what either of these currencies are. I’ll break it down.

Intertwined and Acquaint Fate are gacha currencies in Genshin Impact. Both currencies are available to use on Wishes, Genshin Impact‘s summon banners. However, Intertwined Fate can only be used on specific banners, and Antiquate Fate can be used a little more freely. This includes the ability to use on them on the Standard Wish and Beginner’s Wish banners.

Obtaining Intertwined and Acquaint Fate may seem a bit confusing at first, especially with all of the menus that pop up while you’re trying to make your first few Wishes. I’ll break the currencies down below, before we get into the various ways you can obtain both Fate currencies.

  • Genesis Crystals: You can convert this currency to Primogems. This is the cash shop currency.
  • Primogems: This currency can be used to make Wishes on banners or can be exchanged in the shop for Acquaint or Intertwined Fate. It costs 1,600 Primogems to do a x10 roll on any banner. This can be for Intertwined or Acquaint Fate banners; it doesn’t matter, the cost remains the same. Primogems are obtained through completion of just about anything. This includes quest completion, discovering battle techniques, activating teleportation points. You name it, you get Primogems for it.
  • Acquaint Fate: Currency that can be used to make Wishes on banners. This currency is a solid blue sphere, unlike the Intertwined Fate. This currency can only be used on banners that have the solid blue sphere on the Wish button.
  • Intertwined Fate: Special currency that can only be used on specific banners. This currency looks similar to the Acquaint Fate icon, but you’ll notice it has a faint rainbow color. You’ll know you can use it if the sphere on the Wish button is rainbow colored.

Genshin Impact Wish

And now we’ll get to how you can obtain Intertwined and Acquaint Fate. As mentioned above, you can exchange Primogems in the shop for either Acquaint or Intertwined Fate. To access the shop you can tap, click, or select Paimon’s icon in the upper left-hand corner. If this option isn’t available to you yet, this means that you need to progress the story to unlock it.

After navigating to the shop, select Paimon’s Bargains. There, you can exchange Primogems for Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate for 160 Primogems. Additionally, if you’ve already been rolling on banners, you’ve probably started to accumulate Starglitter and Stardust. Each of these currencies can also be used to grab Acquaint or Intertwined Fate.

Genshin Impact Antiquate Intertwined Fate Shop

Starglitter can be exchanged indefinitely for both Fate currencies, similar to the Primogem exchange. Stardust, on the other hand, can only be used to obtain five Intertwined and Acquaint Fate per month.

Genshin Impact is immediately available on PC, PlayStation 4, and on Android and iOS. Genshin Impact also supports cross-play across platforms.

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