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Genshin Impact Dehya Gameplay Trailer Details Her Abilities

Dehya gameplay genshin impact

HoYoVerse unveiled a new “Collected Miscellany” trailer for the Flame-Mane of Sumeru. The Genshin Impact Dehya gameplay overview details some of the new characters’ abilities and skills.

In the Genshin Impact Dehya gameplay trailer, Dainsleif describes the Eremite mercenary’s brash fighting style, which earned her the “Flame-Mane” moniker.

Outside of combat, Dehya’s presence in parties can speed up everyone’s running and walking speed during daylight hours. She uses a claymore weapon, and her skills change their effects based on the situation in combat.

In Genshin Impact, Dehya gameplay revolves around the use of her Elemental Skill, Molten Inferno. It establishes a circular Fiery Sanctum field. Casting it while the Sanctum is already established moves it, while pounding the ground with a Pyro explosion. The field also deals pyro damage to enemies as they’re attacked. Damage taken while in the field also redirects it to Dehya via her Redmane’s Blood effect. Characters in the field are also less likely to be interrupted or knocked down when hit, and will take slightly less damage.

Dehya’s Elemental Burst Leonine Bite changes her attack pattern from claymore to fists, causing her to ditch the sword for a series of fire punches. When out of combat, her Fiery Sanctum can help other party members by applying area Pyro damage. It should be noted that according to gameplay information, Dehya’s Elemental Burst doesn’t appear to interact with the Hydro Elemental Bursts of Xinqiu and Yelan. Thus some of the strategies used by other Pyro-based characters triggering a Vaporize elemental reaction off of Xinqiu or Yelan’s Bursts will not be available to Dehya at this time.

Dehya is currently available in Genshin Impact. The game itself is available on iOS and Android devices, the PC, the PS4, and the PS5.

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