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Genshin Impact Hanamizaka’s Aspirations EP Focuses on Arataki Itto

Genshin Impact Hanamizaka's Aspirations EP

HoYoverse has released another Genshin Impact EP, with this video focusing on Arataki Itto. A total of three tracks are available through the Genshin Impact Hanamizaka’s Aspirations EP, which shows Arataki Itto as he traverses Inazuma. He is seen lounging at various locales, including a restaurant and the remains of a ship.

The three tracks available on the Genshin Impact Hanamizaka’s Aspirations EP are as follows:

  • “Savory Treat”
  • “Stranded Wish”
  • “Dream of Scattered Petals”

You can watch and listen to the EP below.

Arataki Itto will return to the pool of characters players can obtain through a special banner. It will be available on June 21, 2022. However, Itto won’t be the only character to appear. Kuki Shinobu, his second in command, will also be available to obtain through the banner. She will be the first Electro Healer to join the roster of Genshin Impact.

Leading up to her release, HoYoverse has shared several videos and provided a breakdown of her kit. This includes a complete list of skills she will have at her disposal.

Genshin Impact is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and for Android and iOS devices. A Nintendo Switch version is in development. Arataki Itto will be available to obtain through a limited banner from June 21 to July 12, 2022.

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