Genshin Impact Perfume Includes Fragrances Inspired by Zhongli, Childe

Genshin Impact Perfume

miHoYo and Japanese fragrance company primaniacs will release another series of Genshin Impact perfumes inspired by Zhongli, Childe, Ganyu, Keqing, and Xiao. This second wave of Genshin Impact perfumes will release on March 24, 2022. Each bottle will cost 6,600 yen, or roughly $60. Consumers can immediately pre-order these items through the primaniacs online shop. Reservations can be made in person at the primaniacs Ginza location as well. Pre-orders can be made at the physical location starting on March 18, 2022. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The perfumes will come with a unique bottle and box. Both the bottle and the box will feature illustrations that reflect the individual character. This includes motifs or even details found on their individual outfits. For example, the perfume inspired by Childe will feature illustrations that include his scarf and Fatui mask. The bottle and illustration for Keqing features cloud and flower details. Additionally, an illustration meant to resemble her horns is also present.

You can take a look at the bottles and boxes for the second wave of Genshin Impact fragrances below.

Additionally, primaniacs has other Genshin Impact inspired perfumes available. This includes fragrancies inspired by Diluc, Kaeya, Klee, and Mona.

Genshin Impact is immediately available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, Android and iOS devices. A Nintendo Switch version is currently in development.

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