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Genshin Impact Uses Eula’s Relationships to Build Up the Character

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There are certain challenges that come with a game like Genshin Impact, where the cast keeps growing. Not everyone might get a major role in the Archon Quests telling the story. Only certain people have their own story or hangout questlines. When it comes to certain people, sometimes one of the better ways to establish them is by friendships. This especially holds true for Eula and her relationships with Amber and Yanfei in Genshin Impact.

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This is a game where even before you “meet” someone, you might hear of them. In the profile section for each person you’ve acquired, you can see voice lines discussing other people. That’s where we get our first hints about the relationships Eula formed in Teyvat. Since everyone automatically has Amber in their roster, they’ll have a resource to learn about Eula. After all, Eula asking her to dance in one trailer was no coincidence. They’re incredibly close. More notably, we can see Amber’s devotion to her in her voice line. She says, “How can I get them to see [Eula] for who she really is?”

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But what’s also unusual about Eula is how much insight into comes from the story section of her profile. Like the voice lines area, this fills out as you use a character in-game. In particular, her third story shows the sorts of bonds she inspires. It’s devoted to the relationships between Eula and both Amber and Yanfei. It explains that the reason she’s starting to be more accepted in Mondstadt is because of the effort Amber puts into talking her up around town. Amber goes out of her way for her. Plus, it hints at how Eula and Yanfei know each other as well.

Though, for people who aren’t fortunate enough to get Eula from the gacha, acquiring Yanfei offers insight into her background too. In her case, she mentions how Eula saved her. She then said that ever since, the two have kept in touch and exchanged letters. Again, it’s an idea of seeing the devotion and impression she inspires. Also between both Amber’s actions and Yanfei’s lines, we already get an idea of how considerate and loyal Eula can be to people who matter to her.

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This means even before heading into Aphros Delos, Eula’s story quest, Genshin Impact foreshadows her personality. So when Amber talks her up to the Traveler, we know it’s genuine praise. As we spend time with her, we learn to look past her talk about revenge and vengeance. We see that even though she tries to play off relief at the Traveler being okay after a fight as not having to escort a wounded prisoner back, she genuinely cares about people. She’s understanding of the circumstances and people’s behavior. Especially considering her family’s past. Which means when we reach the climax of her story quest’s first chapter, we already have an idea of how she’ll react.

Genshin Impact is a game that uses multiple approaches to ensure characters are established in the world. In the case of Eula, it uses things like her story quest, voice lines, and profile stories to offer insights. But there’s more to it than that. The relationships Eula has with people like Amber and Yanfei also offer insight into the heroine. When they all combine, everyone gets a better idea of who a character that otherwise hasn’t appeared yet is. Considering this is also a person often ostracized by her lineage, that makes showing these relationships all the more important.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile devices. It will also eventually come to the Nintendo Switch. The Eula banner will be available in Genshin Impact until June 8, 2021.

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