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Genshin Impact Voice Lines Reward People for Paying Attention


Sometimes, elements of a game you might overlook could be one of the coolest parts. Take Genshin Impact, for example. Each character has a profile section in their character page. Fine. Cool. Sometimes you might want to see a background story. But there’s also a voice-over section. People might overlook it, thinking it’s a way to listen to clips they’d hear as they play. But instead, the Genshin Impact voice lines are a treasure trove of fun insights. Some of which are mundane, but others tease things to come.

The basic voice-over recordings are, well, what you’d expect. The character will repeat things they’ll say when you’re idle in-game. For example, Zhongli’s line about Osmanthus wine is there. There’s an introductory line. You can hear them comment on the weather or time of day. These are things you’d expect from any sort of sound test. But then, you start scrolling down and start hearing Klee talk about things like reparations and child labor, and it hits you. The Genshin Impact voice lines are something special.

genshin impact voice lines klee

While the talks about concepts and events are interesting, it’s also fun to see people talk about each other. Some RPGs with party systems have members talk amongst themselves. It helps you see relationships between people. During story and event quests, we sometimes see playable characters interact. These offer hints at connections. But the profile voice-over sections actually say how everyone feels. Tartaglia and Zhongli are major characters in the Liyue chapter of the story. We see them interact. (What with Childe often footing the bill.) They seem on good terms. In Zhongli’s profile, he has two lines dedicated to him. Likewise, Childe has two lines directed at Zhongli. It helps us see how they see each other, especially after the events of the story.

genshin impact voice lines lumine

The Genshin Impact voice lines are also great because they give us insight into the Traveler’s mindset. They are a silent protagonist throughout the adventure, with players occasionally picking responses. We’re left with the idea that they have a certain personality. Especially if you consider their depiction in the comics. The Aether and Lumine voice-over is invaluable. We can hear thoughts about the world and enemies. We find out what they think about people in the world. And, since these line include actual conversations with Paimon, we have a better idea of what their friendship is actually like.

genshin impact voice lines qiqi

But perhaps the best part are the hints of things to come. Genshin Impact is a game where we have hints about playable characters before they appear. Sometimes, they happen because of leaks. Maybe we’ll see them appear in a storyline. But if people pay attention to characters’ voice over sections, references can pop up there. For example, we knew about Hu Tao, the next Pyro spear-wielder from Liyue, because she was referenced there! Qiqi talked about how much she disliked the funeral director. Yaoyao isn’t in the game yet. But if you check Xiangling’s profile, she’s already talking about her.

It can feel like the Genshin Impact voice lines are a nice bonus. You like a character? If you take the time to learn more about them in-game, you’ll get a pleasant surprise. All of these extra details are hidden away. Yes, some are rehashes of the complaints characters voice when you’re idle. And maybe you don’t care what someone’s favorite food is. But these extras are a fun way to learn about their thoughts on other characters, complex concepts, and things to come.

Genshin Impact is available for the PlayStation 4, PC, and mobile devices. A Nintendo Switch version is in the works.

Jenni Lada
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