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New Genshin Impact Comic is All About Ally Abilities Gone Awry

Genshin Impact Comic

The newest four-panel Genshin Impact comic has been localized and released via the game’s official Twitter account. The weekly comic often depicts various characters from miHoYo’s free-to-play game as slightly exaggerated forms of their usual selves partaking in various hijinks and misadventures. This week’s comic, “Part 9 Battle with Stormterror,” continues the trend with its portrayal of Aether, Paimon, Venti, and Amber.

This entry doesn’t feature much of a battle, however. Instead, we watch as Aether and Paimon attempt to catch up to the winged foe, Stormterror. Fortunately, they’re not alone in their pursuit. Unfortunately, “Part 9 Battle with Stormterror” is essentially about the comedic downsides of well-intentioned assists.

Genshin Impact Comic

The entire comic series to date has been accessible to even casual Genshin Impact players, and it’s possible to follow it even without playing the game. It frequently alludes to in-game mechanics, sometimes even breaking the fourth-wall to do so, and overall serves as a way for readers to spend more time with members of Genshin Impact’s ever-growing cast of characters. Siliconera has been documenting these misadventures over the course of the comic, occasionally providing some additional context to their events.

Genshin Impact is available immediately on PlayStation 4, PC, and both iOS and Android devices. A Nintendo Switch version of the game is currently in development.

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