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Latest Genshin Impact Comic Proves Paimon Is a Bad Influence

Genshin Impact comic part 6 Paimon

Part six of the Genshin Impact comic series is out now, titled “The City of… Freedom.” The official Twitter account uploaded the newest entry in the webcomic series. Fans of the game will be keen to know Paimon is confirmed to be a bad influence on The Traveler.

Part six of the Genshin Impact comic gets a bit meta in how it portrays The Traveler and Paimon’s arrival in The City of Freedom. Outrider Amber welcomes the duo and encourages them to do whatever they want. So, The Traveler gets straight to work looting the place and climbing on everything he can. This includes terrifying some children through their window, complete with glowing eyes hungry for treasure. Paimon proudly admits that she taught him well, as she enjoys a snack. Players can openly admit that this is exactly what they did when they arrived, too. Poor Amber.

Genshin Impact comic part 6 city of freedom

The game’s Twitter account recently started posting officially localized entries in the Genshin Impact comic series. All parts are four-panel style graphics focused on comedy. You can check out hungry, hungry Paimon and others in our previous coverage. For those playing the game, you can look forward to Xiao and Keqing banners in February 2021.

Genshin Impact is available on the PC, PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android. The developer is currently working on a Nintendo Switch version.

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