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Genshin Impact Will Add Watatsumi and Seirai Islands in Version 2.1

Genshin Impact Watatsumi Seirai Island

Explorers and Travelers eager to see more of the Inazuma region are in luck with the upcoming Version 2.1 update, as miHoYo has announced two new areas — Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island — that will appear in Genshin Impact. miHoYo has warned that players who do not wish for spoilers may want to skip this Inazuma Diary, as there is some information on how to solve certain mechanisms. Both islands will feature Phase Gates, which are a rotating teleport gate players can activate.

Watatsumi Island is in the west of Yashiori Island, and with its waterfalls and large shell-like decor, it looks exactly like a mermaid island. Watatsumi also has Electric Lamps that react to Electrograna. It is a new type of puzzle, in which players have to light them up to access treasure. There are also statues that will change nearby objects and mechanisms. You can find Sango Pearls in Watatsumi. Lastly, Watatsumi Island is home to a new world boss: the Hydro Hypostasis.

Seirai Island is south of Narukami Island. It has a lot of storms, as well as high Electro concentration, which makes traveling around dangerous. Like Watatsumi Island, Seirai Island houses a new world boss: Thunder Manifestation. It appears to be an Electro version of the Oceanid in Liyue. You can connect a new material called Amakumo Fruit in Seirai.

Version 2.1 of Genshin Impact will go live on September 1, 2021, along with Watatsumi Island and Seirai Island. Version 2.1 will also introduce a fishing system. Genshin Impact is readily available on mobile devices, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.

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