Get a Better Look at Fire Emblem Heroes’ Peony and Chrom in Dragalia Lost

Dragalia Lost fire emblem heroes peony and chrom

The Dragalia Lost Fire Emblem Kindred Ties event is about to begin on April 30, 2020. So, to help people prepare, new details about the two units being added in the summoning banner have been revealed. Everyone can see exactly what Fire Emblem Heroes’ Peony and Fire Emblem Awakening’s Chrom will be like in Dragalia Lost.

The official website has extensive details going over each character’s abilities. Like Marth before him, Chrom is a five-star, flame-element, sword-wielder. One of his skills is Exalted Sword, which deals flame damage and gives him one of three possible stacks of Flames of Awakening. Flames of Awakening bolsters Aether, Chrom’s skill that can restore between 3-15% of its health while dealing flame damage to enemies. He also has the HP +10% and Defense +10% co-ability, the (Flame) Burn = User Wnd Res +8% chain co-ability, and Full HP = Strength +15%, Sleep Res +100%, and Rightful King abilities.

As for Peony, she’s a five-star, light-element, wand-wielder. Her skills are Flower of Joy, which deals light damage, paralyzes, and can cause a Skill Shift that can bolster defense and strength, and Gentle Dream, which is an AOE line attack that deals light damage to enemies and increases the team’s attack rate and strength briefly. She also has the Light Damage +20% co-ability, (Light) Defense +6% chain co-ability, and the Aid of the Ljosalfar II, Curse Res +100%, and Paralyzed Punisher +30% abilities.

You can see exactly how Fire Emblem Heroes’ Peony and Chrom fight in Dragalia Lost in a new video. For example, you can see Chrom use his Aether and Exalted Sword skills, while Peony shows off her Flower of Joy and Gentle Dream.

As a reminder, Sharena will be the free unit for this new Fire Emblem Heroes crossover, just as her brother Alfonse was the free unit for the original one. Also, a second part that adds Tiki as a dragon will begin on May 4, 2020.

Dragalia Lost is available for Android and Apple iOS devices. The Fire Emblem Kindred Ties event event will run until May 11, 2020, with the first part of it starting on April 30 2020..

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