Get A Job, Find Romance, And Maybe Cure A Strange Disease In Love Bites



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Twins Brandon and Kaitlyn have just graduated and are looking for some Summer employment, and maybe also a cure for the strange, nightmare-inducing, physically-affecting affliction they caught at a party in visual novel Love Bites.


Players can choose to control Kaitlyn or Brandon, following storylines that will connect them with teachers who are supposedly practicing witchcraft, basketball stars who hide some mysterious secrets, secret societies, and scientists that seem to be keeping an odd number of body parts lying around the lab. No matter who the player chooses to control, they will be able to romance several of these characters, making connections while trying to cure themselves.

Love Bites does not require any stat management, but instead focuses on the player’s decisions to lead to one of two different endings for each of the potential love interests.


Love Bites is set to release early this year, according to its Steam page. A demo is currently available through

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