Ghost in the Shell Online Will Have Cyborg Customization



Nexon recently revealed that their Ghost in the Shell Online game is still alive, with a new trailer that was revealed at the annual G-STAR 2014 game exhibition. 4Gamer provides us with additional information on the upcoming online shooter.


Ghost in the Shell Online has been in development since September of 2011, and Dungeon Fighter Online makers Neople have been responsible for development since then, with Nexon being the publishers. According to the report, the consensus of fans in South Korea was that since it’s being developed by Neople, we shouldn’t expect much as far as graphics go, but the recent trailer has turned some heads and expectations alike.



The trailer shows off familiar characters like Motoko Kusanagi and Batou, but there’s a total of seven characters (all from Section 9) that will be playable, with their own special skills.


Additionally, Neople talked about a “Skill Share” system, where you’ll get to use skills, then have them “downloaded” by nearby allies. This brings a strategic element to the table, that will allow you to use skills for yourself, or as a way to support teammates.



In order to give the game more of a Ghost in the Shell-like feeling to it, the developers have also provided a cyborg customization system, that is said to boast over 5,000 different mixes.


007 003

008 005

The above is a look at some of the mecha that will be seen in the game’s PvE mode, which will also have plenty of other content familiar to fans of the Ghost in the Shell series.



Neople says that the game is in development with a goal to have it released sometime in the first half of 2015 for South Korea. A Japanese release is expected sometime soon afterwards.

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