Giga Wrecker Takes Reika To A Laboratory




Game Freak has released an update for Giga Wrecker, it’s PC game about a young woman who becomes part cyborg in order to defeat the machine army assault people around the world. A new stage has been added, alongside new enemies, new characters, new equipment, and character adjustments.


After updating Giga Wrecker, players will be able to follow Reika into Darśana, Temple of Seekers. This is the machine’s lab, filled with new enemies and puzzles. Astra Kadrū is this area’s boss and the machines’ Chief of Intelligence. As our heroine heads toward this battle, she’ll be assisted by Doctor Kouzuki’s assistant, Shiori Shiragami. Shiori will take up the doctor’s role in this position, offering insight as you go through the area.


In addition to this major update, the other inclusions are features that improve general gameplay. Reika’s maneuverability has been adjusted, so she’ll run through areas more smoothly and have jumps that feel better and more natural. It will also be possible to collect blueprints for weapons, then switch to new equipment when you bring up Arche ability. The Level Editor has also been updated with new background music and graphics, so you can create original levels inspired by and located in the Darśana laboratory area.


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Giga Wrecker is currently available through Steam’s Early Access for Windows PCs.

Jenni Lada
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