Gilgamesh Conquers Fate/Grand Order for the Battle in New York Event

FGO Battle in New York

Get your apples ready, Fate/Grand Order players: The festival is coming. Starting on Monday, September 14, 2020, FGO launches the Battle In New York 2020 challenge event. This is the event that used to be known as “Nerofest,” but unfortunately, Gilgamesh has made off with the contents of Rome’s vaults, spiriting them away to the Big Apple. There the Mesopotamian monarch has declared the festival under new management, though its overall structure hasn’t changed. Once again, this challenge event will level some of the toughest fights in the game at the players, and showering them in fabulous prizes should they claim victory.

For the uninitiated, this “Gilfest” is arguably the most rewarding Fate/Grand Order event of the year, because of its “lotto box” prize format. Each day of the event, a high-difficulty “Exhibition Quest” will be unlocked, and award prizes for a single completion. Exhibition quests feature tough challenges, including bosses with extremely high health or other absurd gimmicks. Should a player’s party be wiped out, they also won’t be allowed to revive using Command Seals or Saint Quartz. Other “Tournament Quests” are more normal, and can be farmed for currency and lottery tickets. The currency can be traded in for materials, special Craft Essences, and other rewards, but it’s the lottery tickets that make Gilfest what it is.

Like Nerofest and other Fate/Grand Order lotto box events, lottery tickets can be used to draw prizes from a box. After being cleared out, a prize box can be refilled. This can be done without end, until the event closes on September 29, 2020. Because the box can be refilled endlessly, it’s an effectively unlimited way to gain a variety of materials, QP, Mana Prisms, and other supplies with which to enhance Servants. Given that FGO is a fairly stingy game under regular circumstances, players are encouraged to take advantage of the King of Heroes’ generosity.

Players with Quartz to burn can also try their hand at a limited summoning banner featuring Gilgamesh (Archer) and the Caster of Midrash, as well as Craft Essences that can increase shop currency drops.

Fate/Grand Order is available on iOS and Android, and the Battle in New York 2020 event kicks off on September 14, 2020. FGO developer Delightworks is also currently developing Sakura Revolution, a Sakura Wars-based mobile RPG due in Fall 2020.

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