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Gintama Rumble Reveals Its Dragon Ball Z Knockoff Assist Characters “Brieza” And “Cello”



Bandai Namco shared a new “special version” of Gintama Rumble’s second trailer, and a look at two characters “Brieza” and “Cello” based off Dragon Ball Z’s Frieza and Cell.


Here’s a look at a special version of Gintama Rumble’s trailer #2.




He’s kind of like that alien emperor person that attacked Planet Hamek in search of the Zuru-Zuru Balls. He’s a warrior born through the rage from no nicotine, and was defeated by Hijikata.




An android-like dude that had the six Zuru Zuru Balls. He’s instantly defeated by Hijikata before he can even warm up.


Gintama Rumble releases in Japan on January 18, 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita and the same day for Southeast Asia with English subtitles on PS4/

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