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Giraffes Are Good For Grappling & Gliding In Action RPG The Adventure Pals


The Adventure Pals is a goofy action RPG about rescuing kidnapped dads using the power of friendship, with players using their giraffe pal to glide and grapple, or calling on a stony buddy to deal with puzzling situations or grumpy foes.


Players control a young boy out to save his dad in The Adventure Pals, beating up any of the oddball creatures that want to keep him from freeing him. Inspired by the vibrant colors and lighthearted action of Saturday morning cartoons, the game will take the young boy through pirate elections, the undersea realm of Crablantis, and a post apocalyptic landscape filled with explosive-excreting hotdogs.

The boy can slash and clobber foes, as well as dig up secret treasures throughout the game’s world, but he won’t be doing it all alone. He’ll be joined by Sparkles, a giraffe that can spin its tongue like a helicopter to glide, reach out with its head to grab foes and pull the player toward them for dashing combos, or grasp onto higher platforms. Mr Rock, an actual rock, can also assist players despite his smart-mouthed demeanor, helping them with puzzles and other situations where a boulder might be handy.


The Adventure Pals is available now on PS4, Xbox One, the Nintendo Switch, GOG, and Steam.

Alistair Wong
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