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Girl Detective Adventure Jenny LeClue Announced For PS4


Game studio Mografi has revealed that it’s bringing its stylish detective adventure game Jenny LeClue – Detectivú to PlayStation 4.


It has you playing as  brilliant but young detective who has to explore the town of Arthurton on the hunt for clues to clear her mother’s name of murder. But there’s another layer to the game on top of that.


Jenny LeClue weaves a story-within-a-story where the players influence the outcome,” reveals Mografi. “Jenny’s world exists in a series of adventure books that author Arthur K. Finklestein has created. The author acts as narrator and guide. Together, you, Jenny, and the author all influence each other.”


You may recall that Jenny LeClue got a playable teaser earlier this year for PC and iOS – those are the other platforms it will be coming to once it’s finished. Oh, and it’s planned as a trilogy, so if the first is successful there will hopefully be two more games.

Chris Priestman