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Girls’ Frontline Anime Adaptation Airs Early 2022

Tactical strategy gacha game Girls’ Frontline is getting a second anime series. Unlike the short-form gag series that aired in 2019, the new production promises to adapt the core storyline of the game. Originally scheduled for a 2021 release, a newly uploaded promo that uses Dolls’ Frontline (the game’s Japanese title) shows the “global broadcast” rescheduled to January 2022 [Thanks, Fandom Post!].

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Developed by MICA Team and managed by Sunborn, Girls’ Frontline takes place in the late 21st century, after a series of catastrophic incidents and nuclear warfare have drastically reduced the human population. To prevent societal collapse, humans developed Dolls, androids capable to carrying out the labor needed to keep civilized life functional. Dolls even fight in human wars as “Tactical Dolls” or T-Dolls, coordinated by human commanders. T-Dolls are often named after the weapons they wield, which correspond to various real-life firearms.

Not all Dolls obey, though. Out on the Eurasian frontier, the T-Dolls of Doll manufacturer Sangvis-Ferri went rogue, slaughtering their humans and advancing on local settlements. Private military company Griffin & Kryuger is contracted to confront the rampant androids and push back against the invasion. Among Griffin’s T-Dolls are the elite AR Team, led by M4A1. Together with their newly assigned commander, the AR team sets out to tackle the new threat.

The new Girls’ Frontline anime trailer features looks at the AR Team, as well as various T-Dolls, and their human commander, a young woman named Gentianne. In the manhua adaptation Girls’ Frontline: Dolls’ Song, Gentianne replaces the unnamed player character, and it appears that she performs a similar function in the anime. Griffin adjutant Kalina and Sangvis-Ferri Dolls Agent, Scarecrow, and Executioner also make an appearance in the trailer.

The initial voice cast list was also confirmed:

  • M4A1 – Haruka Tomatsu (Sword Art Online‘s Asuna)
  • M6A1 – Nozomi Yamane (Azur Lane‘s Javelin)
  • ST AR-15 – Emiri Katou (Granblue Fantasy‘s Sierokarte)
  • M4 SOPMOD II – Yukari Tamura (Naruto‘s Tenten)
  • Gentianne – Mikako Komatsu (Danganronpa V3‘s Tsumugi)
  • Kalina – Nao Touyama (Granblue Fantasy‘s Lyria)
  • Agent – Hitomi Nabatame (Ikki Tousen‘s Kanu)
  • Scarecrow – Kaya Okuno (Wake Up, Girls!’s Kaya)
  • Executioner – Shizuka Itou (Fire Emblem Three Houses’ Female Byleth)
  • Kryuger – Akio Ohtsuka (Metal Gear Solid‘s Solid Snake)

Girls’ Frontline is immediately available on iOS and Android. The anime adaptation will air globally in January 2022.

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