Girls’ Frontline Crosses Over With Tom Clancy’s The Division in February

Girls' Frontline

Eyes up, Agents! Hit tacticool online shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division is joining forces with hit tacticool anime gacha game Girls’ Frontline in a special collaboration event. Titled “Bounty Feast,” the event will challenge Commanders and their T-Dolls as they try to survive in New York amidst a deadly pandemic that threatens to collapse the United States. The event first ran in the core Chinese version of Girls’ Frontline, and is now filtering into the Global release, as well as the Japanese edition of the game (renamed to Dolls’ Frontline over there). Bounty Feast kicks off on February 2 on the Global edition and February 5 in Japan [Thanks, 4Gamer!].

Here’s a trailer for the event courtesy of Youtuber Ceia:

The event will feature storytelling from multiple perspectives and adapt aspects of The Division for use in special Girls’ Frontline maps. Commanders will be able to read the main story, as well as unlock side stories that follow the exploits of different teams of T-Dolls stuck in Manhattan, New York City (the setting of the first The Division game). “Supply Box” items on the maps will unlock limited-use devices like turrets, flashbang grenades, and frag grenades to help the Dolls clear maps more easily. Clearing story maps will unlock farming maps from which Commanders can acquire rare T-Dolls like JS-9, Gd DSR-50, and OTs-14 to add to their rosters.

The Division Girls’ Frontline crossover event will also debut two new, exclusive T-Dolls as well: The SMG-class Agent Vector and Assault Rifle-class Agent 416. They’re based on existing GFL characters, but given a Division twist. Agent Vector can deploy Mobile Cover to shield herself and her team and attract enemy fire, while Agent 416 can lob sticky bombs at her foes, detonating them simultaneously for massive damage. The event will also allow players to acquire exclusive equipment pieces for the Agent dolls, which when worn enhance their abilities and performance. Also available in the event shop for premium currency (Girls’ Frontline does not use paid gacha to unlock playable characters, just costumes and resources) are The Division-inspired outfits for the Agent Doll as well as their “regular” GFL counterparts. The Agent costumes are based on player agent costumes from the game, while the costumes for the GFL versions are based on The Division‘s enemy factions like the Last Man Battalion and The Cleaners:

Girls’ Frontline is immediately available on Android and iOS. The event starts on February 2, 2021 on the Global edition and February 5, 2021 on the Japanese edition. This isn’t the first oddball crossover for GFL, as the game’s done collaborations with brands like Gunslinger Girl, VA-11 Hall-ABlazBlue, and even DJMAX Respect.

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