Girls Frontline Shoots to the Beat With DJMAX Respect

Girls' Frontline

Some say that “music is the weapon,” but the weapon can also be the weapon, thanks to a new crossover between Girls’ Frontline and DJMAX Respect. As part of “Glory Day” the game’s latest crossover event, players can change the staccato rhythm of gunfire to the hot beats of technopop EDM from Korea’s hottest DJ acts.

The event, which is live now, is structured much like other events. Players will shepherd their squads of T-Dolls through a handful of bespoke maps, fighting enemies and collecting currencies. Those currencies can then be traded in for various goodies in a special event shop. Prizes include resources, profile decorations, in-game dorm furniture, and a costume for Kalina, Girls’ Frontline‘s mascot character.

Furthermore, two new playable T-Dolls based on the DJMAX Respect characters Clear and Fail (for their presence adorning the game’s clear and fail screens) will be made available. Both are Handgun-type T-Dolls, though Clear focuses on strengthening friendly units in her echelon while Fail weakens enemies.

Players in search of further goodies can also trade in currency for T-Dolls that previously surfaced as limited drops in other events. These include the T-Dolls Tac-50, SRS, Thunder, A-91, M1887, and PP-19.

While a non-violent rhythm game like DJMAX may seem like an odd fit for a crossover, it’s not that unusual for Girls’ Frontline. 2019 saw a crossover with cyberpunk bartending adventure game VA-11 Hall-Aand longtime players likely have T-Dolls based on BlazBlue‘s Noel Vermillion and Elphelt Valentine.

Even DJMAX Respect itself ran a Girls’ Frontline-themed DLC pack when this crossover first happened in 2018:

The Girls’ Frontline x DJMAX Respect Crossover event will run until May 25th, 2020. Girls Frontline is available on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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