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Girls’ Frontline Celebrates White Day With A Murder Mystery

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White Day–the follow-up to Valentine’s Day originating in east Asia–usually happens on March 14th. However, mere lateness won’t stop mobile tactical game Girls’ Frontline from celebrating the occasion with a White Day event.

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Released in 2016 in China and 2018 globally, Girls’ Frontline is a tactical RPG developed by MICA Team and published in English by Sunborn. In it, players take control of squads of “Tactical Doll” (T-Doll) androids wielding and patterned after various real-life firearms, like the M4A1 Assault Rifle or Colt Python revolver. The English edition celebrated its first anniversary in May 2019.

Sunborn released a teaser trailer to promote the new event:

Dubbed “The Photo Studio Mystery”, the event will debut on March 24, 2020. It’ll offer players a chance to solve a “murder mystery” alongside the character Lee-Enfield. As for solving that mystery, that will apparently involve  shooting one’s way through a handful of tactical maps. Various rewards like resources and cosmetic skins for T-Dolls are up for grabs. Players with a farming spirit can also play the event maps repeatedly for a chance to obtain rare and limited T-Dolls. Information based on the original Chinese edition of the game suggests the limited character roster may include the 5-Star rarity Rifle units SRS and Ballista, as well as AUG, an Assault Rifle. Other costumes themed after wedding dresses (March, April, and May are popular marital months) will be available in Girls’ Frontline‘s gacha system as well.

Girls’ Frontline is available on Apple iOS and Android devices.

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