Go Full Redline (Again) With the Fate Grand Order Summer Rerun Event

FGO Summer

Summer hijinks are back on the menu for loyal Fate Grand Order players, but before we get to the new content, the game will give newer players a chance to experience last year’s content. Enter Dead Heat Summer Race Revival, a rerun of 2019’s two-part summer event. As with previous rerun events, the content and structure of the event will remain largely identical, but with certain parameters re-tuned to make for a more relaxed experience.

For newer Fate Grand Order players, Dead Heat Summer Race puts the Master of Chaldea on a collision course with Ishtar, Mesopotamian Goddess of Love and War, and current inhabitant of the body of Fate/Stay Night alum Rin Tohsaka. This time she’s put together an interdimensional rally race, challenging six teams of swimsuit-clad Servants and their custom racing vehicles to obtain eternal glory in a spree for the finish line.

Both phases of the Dead Heat Summer Race event are structured like one of Fate Grand Order‘s occasional raid-style community battles. Players will farm battles to build up progress for their preferred race team. After each round of the race, the rankings are taken and rewards are doled out based on which team finished first that round. Using Summer Servants will convey bonuses to every battle’s reward, easing the grind even further. Currencies earned from the battles can be traded for character progression materials.

The most valuable reward from this Fate Grand Order Summer rerun is a free 4-Star Servant. This time it’s Summer Ishtar, which is just like regular Ishtar, only ready to go touring by moped as a Rider-class Servant. Her Quick-element Noble Phantasm has also gained additional potency since her original debut, as the addition of Skadi to the Fate Grand Order Servant roster has vastly improved the prospects of Quick-element characters.

Fans with some Saint Quartz to spare can also take advantage of the return of the Summer 2019 Summoning banners to try their hand at grabbing headliners like Summer Nero and Summer Altria Alter. Nero has donned Azur Lane battleship cosplay for the occasion, morphing her into into one of the most powerful offensive Casters in the game. Summer Altria Alter trades her unholy sword for a sick sniper rifle, becoming a potent single-target Quick Servant for players that can manipulate her skill cooldowns to stack her power-ups. Other standout Servants in the lower rarity tiers include Summer Oda Nobunaga, who has gone even more berserk than usual, and Summer Minamoto-no-Raikou, who can punch above her weight with a synergistic skill set.

All that said, players are advised to exercise some restraint in their rolling. Fate Grand Order‘s Summer 2020 event (which debuted on the Japanese version of the game back in 2018), introduces a number of other powerful Servants worthy of consideration.

Fate Grand Order‘s Dead Heat Summer Race event rerun will run until August 1, 2020. The game is available for download now on iOS and Android.

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