God Eater 3 Devs Talk Avatar Customization, New Action, And The More Fearsome Aragami



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This week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation features a big interview with God Eater 3 director Hiroshi Yoshimura, producer Yusuke Tomiyama, character designer Kurumi Kobayashi, and general producer Yusuke Tomizawa. [Thanks, Hachima.]


Here are the highlights from the interview:


  • Your position as the protagonist wont change much from what it’s been in previous God Eater games. You’ll get to freely customize your avatar’s appearance as well as gender.


  • God Eater 3 will see the protagonist treated more like an object rather than a human being.


  • The black parts you see on the protagonist’s face and arms is actually an equipment used to activate power and healing enforcement.


  • God Eater 3’s world is being made in a way that will make it easier for newcomers to jump right in.


  • There are allied characters, meaning you won’t be fighting alone as seen in the trailer and screenshots.


  • New weapons are being categorized as “two-handed God Arcs.” Weapon types from the previous God Eater games will be available as well.


  • If devoured by an Aragami, you’ll see an unprecedented “revitalization” power-up for the monster.


  • God Eater 3 offers a more dramatic cooperative experience where you and your allies will have to work on how to avoid being consumed by the Aragami, or how to follow should it happen.


  • With over five years of work on new action that has piled onto the series, new players may be a little intimidated thinking that it may be too complex to get into now, but the God Eater team is rebuilding with a new kind of action system.


  • The world setting is more chaotic than ever. The developers are looking to make something fresh with a focus on its seriousness and the fear of Aragami.


  • Composer Go Shiina recently left Bandai Namco, but he’ll be working on the music for God Eater 3 as well as God Eater: Resonant Ops.



God Eater 3 is in development for home consoles. You can catch its latest screenshots and details in our previous report.

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