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God Eater 3 Has New Mechanics, Including An Airborne Dive


god eater 3 dive 2


While God Eater 3 got new information recently regarding new character Claire Victorious, that was not all that was shared. Bandai Namco also introduced several new mechanics, including Dives, Burst Arts, and Burst Art Effects. (Thanks, 4Gamer!)



god eater 3 dive 1

god eater 3 dive 2 god eater 3 dive 3


The Dive is a new aerial maneuver that has the main character blocking, then immediately homing on any Aragami that are locked-on. It can be chained into Devours or other combos. You can also use it while not locked-on, which makes it an effective escape tactic, as the character goes in the direction they are facing.


Burst Arts

god eater 3 dive 6 god eater 3 dive 7


Burst Arts are new special moves only usable during a Burst. These Arts are customizable, allowing for up to three of them. Which move is used depends on whether you’re on the ground, in the air, or stepping.


Eg. Biting Edge

  • On ground: Dancing Dagger
  • In the air: Dive to Blue
  • Step: Angel Fall


Dancing Dagger

god eater 3 dive 8


A slashing combo that looks like a dance, conducted after surrounding the blade with Oracle energy. Combos from ground Square-button attacks.


Dive to Fall

god eater 3 dive 9


A cleaving attack from the air with a boosted range and damage thanks to Oracle energy.


Angel Fall

god eater 3 dive 10


An arcing slash attack conducted after a Step. It’s done in the Biting Edge’s naginata form.


Storm of the Rising Moon

god eater 3 dive 11


A Heavy Moon Burst Art that combos off Moonstorm. It essentially is Moonstorm with a larger reach and higher damage.


Twilight Moon

god eater 3 dive 12


An airborne arcing attack where the Heavy Moon is extended mid-air and slammed into the ground.



god eater 3 dive 13


A Step Burst Art where the character takes a step and a leap, then swings the Heavy Moon above themselves as a wide reaching attack that hits all directions.


Burst Art Effects

Apart from Burst Arts, Burst Art Effects can also be customized to give Burst Arts extra effects.


Eg. Biting Edge

On ground: Dancing Dagger – Crescent effect

In the air: Dive to Fall – Sky Pillar effect

Step: Angel Fall – Reppa effect


The BA Effects add a different extra effect to Burst Arts, as you can see below:

Angel Fall by itself-

god eater 3 dive 14


Angel Fall + Sky Pillar

god eater 3 dive 15


Angel Fall + Reppa

god eater 3 dive 16


Here are the individual effects below:


god eater 3 dive 17


A crescent moon-shaped burst of Oracle energy that shoots forward.


Sky Pillar

god eater 3 dive 18


Several pillars of Oracle energy burst out at once.



god eater 3 dive 19


Energy is compressed then released frontward, creating a huge shockwave.


God Eater 3 is in development for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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