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God Eater Goes Xtreme With Gravure In The Latest Bonus Of Its Off Shot Series


The God Eater: Off Shot games is a series that lets the player be a cameraman for taking screenshots of the characters in various everyday life situations. The latest one features Sakuya, with plenty of bonuses.


Scene Sakuya

he seventh and final of the God Eater: Off Shot series features Sakuya.


Same as with the previous Off Shot titles, you’ll get to check out the characters go through various activities as part of their everyday lives.



Sakuya’s volume will have different events, where you’ll get to check her out doing things like cooking up stew for supper, or just hanging out on top of the roof for a gravure session. The game has exclusive voicing and motions for you to check out.


You can go to her room for a dress-up session and see Sakuya in her wedding dress outfit, or put her together with the player character for a pretty cool twos-hot photo.


Extra Situation


Sakuya’s Off Shot is the 7th volume of the “Cross-Play Pack & Anime” bundles, but the Off Shot series has been available with their own characters since the 2nd volume. Purchasing the 7th volume will get you an extra “situation” for Kota Fujiki’s volume, which is the 6th of the series and will release in Japan on March 24, 2016.

Additionally, there’s a wedding ceremony situation for those that have four volumes from the series. This mode will also allow for two-shot photo ops.


This also unlocks an extra situation for Alisa’s volume as well.


Again, there are several situations that can be unlocked by having a mix of certain volumes. Here’s a look at some of them below:


Having save data from Alisa and Lindow’s volumes will give you one featuring Lindow without his jacket.


Soma and Alisa’s volume will get you a swimsuit session with Alisa.


Shio and Soma’s volume unlocks a fancy Soma in butler outfit. You’ll also get to see a scenario of him accompanying Shio for breakfast.


Having Kota and Shio’s volumes unlocks Shio’s schoolgirl outfit.

And finally, those with all six God Eater: Off Shot volumes will get the extra special “Vacation Volume” game mode, where you can have photo sessions with the player character and any of the girls in two-shot sessions. The characters that are available are Alisa, Sakuya, Shio, Tsubaki, Anette, Licca, Kanon, Gina, Erina, Nozomi, and Mrs. Fujiki (Kota’s mother).


The exclusive situation takes place on the beach, where you’ll get to take plenty of pictures and make a bunch of memories with the characters. Here’s a look at some samples:


God Eater: Off Shot (Sakuya Tachibana Vol.) Twin-Pack & Anime will release in Japan on April 21, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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