Godzilla Destruction Will Shake The World This Month

Godzilla Destruction

TOHO Games has finalized the release date for Godzilla Destruction. The mobile game will be available worldwide on April 27, 2021. Players will be able to download the game for free, although it will also include in-app item purchases. [Thanks, Game Watch!]

This action game for mobile devices will let players control Godzilla with just a finger. The famous Kaiju run amok in cities all around the world, from Tokyo to New York. After fending off waves of military armaments like tanks and helicopters, Godzilla may also engage in boss battles against other Kaiju monsters.

A new trailer for Godzilla Destruction has also appeared with full English subtitles. It has more footage that shows what gameplay looks like in the mobile action game.

Godzilla Destruction was one of the three Godzilla mobile games revealed by TOHO Games in March 2021. Run Godzilla, which is immediately available in most regions, will be released later in Japan in June 2021. The strategy game Godzilla Battle Line will release sequentially in April and May 2021. In related news, the franchise will also receive a board game and a permanent amusement park attraction.

TOHO Games will release Godzilla Destruction for Android and iOS mobile devices simultaneously worldwide on April 27, 2021.

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