Golden Week Means Rolling Week In Granblue Fantasy’s GW Campaign, And It Is Now Live

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Golden Week doesn’t start for a few more days but Granblue Fantasy kicked things off early with the start of a Golden Week campaign that brings free daily 10-rolls, bonus crystals, exp, and half AP/EP events.


The Golden Week Special campaign just started about an hour ago and will have various bonuses going until May 7 and May 12, 2019. Here’s what you can expect to get from the event:



From now through May 7, 2019, all players will get a free daily Premium 10-Part Draw, once a day. There should also be a Premium Gala sometime in the coming days, so keep an eye out on that.



All players will also receive 200 extra crystals each day through May 12, 2019.



A campaign-exclusive quest can also be played to receive items such as Half Elixirs, Angel/Archangel weapons, Angel Queens, Archangel Queens, and light-element treasure drops.



Through May 12,  2019, players will also receive x1.5 the amount of RP and EXP.


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And lastly, a big majority of quests and raids are available for half the AP/EP through May 12, 2019. Free Quests and Special Quests will also be available for half off. Treasure costs will be cut down to half for hosting events, and players will also receive x1.2 the amount of Renown and Prestige Pendants in quests. Shop skills will also get double the boost, and double the Arcarum Badges will be given out with two a day instead of the usual one.


Granblue Fantasy is available for iOS, Android, and PC browsers.

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