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The Good Life Crowdfunding Campaign Relaunches




Hidetake “Swery” Suehiro and White Owls are turning to the masses to possibly fund The Good Life again. In 2017, the project appeared on Fig in the hopes of raising $1.5 million, but fell through and only raised $682,864 within its time limit. Now, on March 26, 2018, a Kickstarter is launching seeking ¥68,000,000 (~$647,360). 


In The Good Life, a journalist named Naomi comes to Rainy Woods in England. It seems like a small, happy town, but appearances are deceiving. Once a month, every resident turns into either cats or dogs. Naomi will suddenly find herself solving mysteries and dealing with these tranformations, all while trying to pay her debt to the Morningvale newspaper company and solve a murder mystery.


Aside from the lower monetary goal, a number of other elements have changed. It is made clear in The Good Life’s Kickstarter information that, while you do choose a cat or dog form in the beginning, you could eventually switch between the two. It also shows how Naomi can work as a photographer or take on part-time jobs like sheering sheep, delivering milk, acting as a dealer at a casino, digging in a mine or making products like jam. People can use money earned to repay the debt, dress Naomi up, purchase items or go out for an evening. Also, your interactions in town will alter your neighbors’ behavior and roles. There will even be special events on holidays.


A new The Good Life trailer shows the progress that has been made on the game, so people can see what it looked like during the Fig campaign compared to the new Kickstarter’s build.



The Good Life, if funded, should be released in Q3 2019. It will be $29 on PC and $39 on the PlayStation 4. The Kickstarter will have a limited number of pledge tiers that will allow people to get a PC code for plegding $25 and a PlayStation 4 code for kicking in $35.

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