Gothic Bass-Driven Shooter Savant Ascent Get A Free “Void Update”



D-Pad Studios has rolled out the “Void Update” for its bass-driven gothic shooter Savant Ascent.


It adds new levels, new enemies, a new soundtrack, and more power-ups to the original game. And it comes at no extra cost too – this is a free update, so anyone who has bought the game gets this new content.


If you manage to ride the tower’s elevator right to the top, you’ll break through the roof and find a new boss battle to take on die many times to. Savant Ascent also now has a stage selection screen and an achievements screen.


If you didn’t know, Savant Ascent is a game of shooting and dodging in a limited space that encourages observation and timing to succeed. You play as Savant has he attempts to climb to the top of his tower after a malicious orb kicked him out and transformed it.


You can purchase Savant Ascent for $1.99 on Steam, GamersGate, the Humble Store, the iOS App Store, and Google Play.

Chris Priestman