GPTRACK50 Game Studio Opened With Hiroyuki Kobayashi


NetEase Games opened a new development studio in Osaka, Japan. It’ll be led by former Capcom veteran producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who joined NetEase earlier in 2022. According to statements from NetEase and Kobayashi, the studio’s focus will be on developing original IP. The company didn’t make any specific project announcements [Thanks, Gematsu!].

According to the announcement, GPTRACK50 will bring together “experienced professionals” from both the game and film & television industries to develop content. NetEase also touted Kobayashi’s experience in multimedia, such as his work helping produce live-action and animated Resident Evil series, manga adaptation, anime series, and more.

A message from Kobayashi praised NetEase as a “reliable business partner in developing high-quality games and entertainment projects.” He vowed to build a strong team aiming to create original content that will satisfy global audiences. He said that the studio is “focused purely” on creating new content, innovative gaming experiences, and original IP. However, Kobayashi’s aim is not solely to produce game IP, but “to go beyond those boundaries into live-action movies, animation, books including manga and novels, and various other forms of entertainment such as theater and events.”

GPTRACK50 also debuted a brief launch video.

The video is light on specifics, but uses many languages’ words for “play” laid over footage of global scenes.

In addition to former Yakuza series creator Toshihiro Nagoshi’s Nagoshi Studio and Suda51’s Yabukiri Studio, GPTRACK50 is the third new NetEase-connected outfit announced this year involving a veteran Japanese game developer. NetEase has also invested in European and North American studios, buying up Detroit Become Human studio Quantic Dream in September 2022.

Josh Tolentino
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