Graffiti Kingdom Smartphone Game Launch Postponed to Early Summer 2020


Taito announced that the new Graffiti Kingdom smartphone title that was originally set to launch in Winter 2019 has now been delayed to early Summer 2020.

The news came after Graffiti Kingdom closed beta testing over the past half a year, and the producer commented in a written letter just why they made the decision to launch the game later. According to him, the point of this game is to provide a fun experience for both those who are able to draw well and those who aren’t. After collecting opinions after beta testing, the development team went on to implement improvements, but in order to reach the level of quality they hope to reach, they decided to push it back to early Summer 2020.

One of the main features being improved is the Graffiti Mode, where the team is adding an instructional video that shows off the techniques you can use, as well as a tutorial mode for beginners. They also want to improve the growth system so that it’s easier for players to become more attached to their creations, rather than just grinding. To this extent, they will also be expanding upon the game’s ‘Atelier’ feature.

In regards to the battle system, changes are being made to features like the UI and battle effects, in order to make it feel more swift and satisfying.

After the changes are made, a second closed beta test will be held, and more info on that will be announced in mid-March.

Graffiti Kingdom will release in Japan in early Summer 2020 for Apple iOS and Android devices. You can check out its teaser trailer and some more details in our previous report.

Alistair Wong
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